Céline Allano
Chasing dreams and capturing intense moments.

“Photography is a love affair with life” ~ Burk Uzzle


Born in northeastern France, I am now based in Kent, the garden of England.

The first time I picked up a camera, I was 8. The subject was a swan and her chick on a lush patch of grass in a park. That very moment was the dawn of a lifelong passion for capturing moments for ever. The careful framing, the feverish wait till the prints come back… that was then. Today, this photo is still hanging on my wall.

As the years went I became increasingly interested in people and portraits. There is something uniquely fulfilling about creating portraits: catching that special moment when emotions surface and give way to something very personal. This is why I specialise in portrait photography, head shots, couples, family and children photo shoots. I like to work outdoors making the best of natural light but also arrange studio shoots.

While I take every photo shoot very seriously, I like to keep things simple and fun, I strive to catch those very special moments to produce timeless images that will stay with you forever. My goal is to produce unique images which result from the blend between your vision and wishes and my experience and style. Be whoever you want to be for a while, and let’s create magic images!

If you would like to book a shoot, have questions about themes or prices, get in touch.  I look forward to speaking to you!